Former Eastwood High School student accused of bringing gun to school stands trial

Nathan Richardson is accused of bringing a .32-caliber gun inside a classroom in April 2015.

The trial is underway for a former Eastwood High School student accused of bringing a loaded gun inside the school in 2015.

Nathan Richardson is accused of bringing a .32-caliber gun inside a classroom in April 2015.

A witness testified in court, saying he saw the gun before class, and a teacher testified, saying she predicted this would happen.

The defense claims Richardson is not guilty and that he never meant to threaten or scare anyone.

The state said he was arrested in class with a gun in his backpack and ammunition on him.

One thing that the witnesses haven’t been able to agree on is whether the gun was loaded.

However, all the witnesses have testified that the .32-caliber gun was in 17-year-old’s Nathan Richardson’s backpack.

One of his friends at school took the stand Tuesday, saying Richardson showed him the gun and bullets.

He said, “I’ve seen him get mad before, and now he has a gun. So, I figured I should go to the security guard.”

Another student testified that he was “not at all” afraid that Richardson was going to harm him or anyone else.

Richardson’s special education teacher took the stand, saying Richardson was caught watching graphic videos in class about Columbine and the KKK.

The teacher said Richardson often made racists jokes about black people and Hispanics.

She told her district, “If anybody is going to come here and shoot us, it’s going to be him.”

The police officer who arrested him admitted he failed to read Richardson his Miranda Rights.

“He told me he wasn’t going to hurt anyone; that he was just going to fire a round off at lunch,” the officer said.

Several police and security officers pointed out that no threat was made, and they didn’t think it was necessary to lock down the school.

The state said it doesn’t matter whether a threat was made, just that he brought the gun into a prohibited place.

The trial is expected to continue on Wednesday.

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