Friends remember BP agent Martinez who was killed in the line of duty over the weekend

Photo Courtesy: Jessica Gonzalez

Friends say the void left behind by the death of Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez is irreplaceable.

As more details surface about Martinez’s death, his close friends gathered to remember him Monday night.

He was known to many as "little Roger."

He graduated in from Irvin High School in 1999 and since then, he’s been friends with a tight circle of people that have been bonding for more than 15 years.

Some of his friends sat down with CBS4 to talk about what they'll remember most about him.

They said he was the type of friend you could always count on.

"He was very generous he was very humble very loving. He had a heart of gold. He would do anything for anybody without asking for anything in return. He was there for all of us if we ever needed anything," close friend, Rosie Esteban said.

They also said that he loved his job. He loved what he did for the Border Patrol and was proud to serve his country- and he loved his sports.

"One of our biggest thing was sports he loved the Raiders and he loved USC," friend, Rudy Marin said.

His friends say that his life was just starting to take off. He has a son. He had just gotten engaged, bought a house and also bought a new vehicle.

David Carrillo said he heard the name when they identified him but didn't want to think it was his friend.

"I still didn't believe it until I saw a photo," Carrillo said.

As they remembered him Monday night, they say Roger would not want them crying. He would want them to remember him with joy and laughter.

The group of friends wanted to speak on behalf of many others who are still too broken to come forward.

All of them are now left with just the memories.

"We're celebrating him. Remembering who he was and all those good memories that we have of him. The strong person he was," Esteban said.

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