Gadsden ISD students participate in walkout to prompt changes to gun laws

Students at Chaparral Middle School demonstrate walkout.

School walkouts are happening across the country Wednesday for gun legislation.

The national movement was organized by victims of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting earlier this year that claimed the lives of 17 students and teachers.

Local students joined that national effort for gun legislation.

Students at Chaparral Middle School had the support of their school administrators.

“This shows that they respect and think the same things as we do and that overall they're by our side,” Ethan Sandoval, a student said.

The walkout initially started with a school assembly in the gym where the principal, local law enforcement and Congressman Steve Pearce sent a message of support to the students.

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“We came up with a plan to teach the students to assemble but to do it peacefully, do it correctly and so that we would have a purpose,” Maria Hernandez, school principal, said.

After the assembly, the students and the school community walked out onto the field, with locked arms to show their support for the national movement.

The walkout at the middle school was initiated by students and helped organized by one of their teachers, Rick Chavez, who said the kids are the ones pushing for change.

“I wish it wouldn’t come to this but it has to. Back in the '60s, it was equal rights movement and now it’s time for a new movement and that’s sensible gun laws and safe school. It’s time for change,” Chavez said.

After the walkout, the students returned to class and continued their day as scheduled.

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