Heart disease is the leading cause of death in El Paso County


The El Paso public health department says not enough El Pasoans are taking care of their heart.

According to the department of public health, El Paso county ranks 66 out of 232 counties in the state for overall health.

The city hopes to improve those numbers by building more parks and Trailways through the quality of life bond and provide more recreational centers in areas that need it.

According to Paso del Norte, woman in El Paso are expected to live up to 82 years old and men up to 76 years old.

The top 4 leading causes of death in El Paso are cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke and accidents.

"It doesn't really surprise me. It saddens me because I think those shouldn't be the leading the causes because they are definitely avoidable each and every one of them," said Crystal Saavedra from Socorro.

The public health department released this map showing which parts of El Paso county are the healthiest and which parts have the most health risks which can result in death.

The darker the color the less healthy that area is and the lighter it is the healthier it is.

Places like Central El Paso and Socorro rank the lowest regarding healthy living.

Whereas West El Paso and Fort Bliss rank among the top places to live for overall health.

Experts say just because you live in a place known for low healthcare, there is a way to live a healthy lifestyle.

Doctors say El Pasoans should engage in physical activity, walk around and adopt a healthy diet.

"Maybe you don't have track or maybe you don't have a full area park that you can go to. But we all live in neighborhoods and we’ll have different things, even just walking in the backyard," said Saavedra.

For more information, visit the Public Health Department website.

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