Hundreds of people spent Thanksgiving waiting in long lines

Hundreds of people spent Thanksgiving waiting in long lines.

Hundreds of people in El Paso spent their Thanksgiving waiting in line for the best deals.

The lines at the Best Buy in Far East El Paso wrapped around to the back of the building.

"I've been waiting since yesterday morning so it's been pretty hectic," said Chase Bitterling.

Many say they were shocked when they saw how long the line was.

"Well I've been here before in past years and it was nothing like this,” Henry Maldanado.

We spoke to people who say they were doing their Christmas shopping early.

"I just got some headphones, play station, picture printer, and nice HDTV,” said Damian Prince.

All in all, everyone we spoke to agreed that shopping on Thanksgiving was not as crazy as they thought it would be.

"I expected it to be like really packed, a lot of people pushing each other but it's really easy,” said Damian Prince.

Employees at The Outlet in the Upper Valley say they were happy to see how well behaved the crowd was. Many of them are expecting large crowds throughout the night.

Workers advise everyone to be aware of their surroundings. They expect traffic to continue to be busy all through Black Friday and into the weekend, so plan ahead.

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