Hurricane Irma makes its way to El Pasoans in Puerto Rico

Fort Buchanan (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Two El Pasoans are hunkering down in Puerto Rico as Hurricane Irma hits the Caribbean Islands.

They both said they are staying put even though the Category 5 hurricane is making its way to them.

Elsa Rodriguez-Roth and Rene Lujan Jr. are dedicated to public service.

Rodriguez-Roth was a nurse at University Medical Center before moving to Puerto Rico to earn her master’s degree in anesthesia.

Lujan, who is stationed at Fort Buchanan, prepared for the hurricane, installing storm shutters. Lujan is confident he and his family will be safe.

"I know my family is worried about us, but we'll make it through this," said Lujan.

At least two people died and two others were seriously injured in the islands of St. Barts and St. Martin, French Overseas Affairs Minister Annick Girardin said Wednesday.

Rodriguez-Roth said she'll be ready to head into the hospital at 3 a.m. Thursday to help with anesthesia for anyone affected by Irma.

"I'm going to have to stay here because of my program and I have to go to the hospital tomorrow regardless,” said Rodriguez-Roth.

Both of them said they're safe and will get in contact with their loved ones as soon as the hurricane passes.

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