Khalid receives key to the 'city of the 915'

    Khalid received the key to the City of El Paso on Sept. 13, 2018.

    Hometown hero Khalid received the key to the city of El Paso on Thursday.

    Mayor Dee Margo presented Khalid with the recognition during his state of the city address.

    The Americas High School graduate has become one of the most popular singer/songwriters in the last two years.

    He’s collaborated with big artists and has not only been nominated for, but also won a few notable awards.

    His album “American Teen” quickly climbed to the top of the music charts.

    Perhaps one of the things Khalid is most known for is showing love and appreciation to the “city of the 915,” a place he calls home.

    “I always like coming back home because it’s where I receive the most love,” Khalid said.

    Khalid said he was extremely honored and appreciates the love El Paso gives back to him.

    He says it’s amazing to hear people from all over the world sing the lyrics to his music, in particular the songs where he mentions El Paso.

    “I’ve learned to represent the city in such a positive manner,” Khalid said. “There’s been so many people from all over the world, from Australia to Indonesia to Mexico, to Brazil, everywhere. And the loudest line and I’m not lying to you, the loudest line of the show is ‘from the city of the 915.’”

    Khalid is in El Paso for two special shows he’s putting on at the Don Haskins Center this weekend.

    He hinted about a song dedicated to El Paso that he will debut during Friday’s concert.

    “I would have never expected as a senior in high school, writing songs on my notepad and recording music on Soundcloud that it would ever lead to the point where I would have gotten the key, which is awesome. El Paso shows me love so I definitely have to show love back,” he said.

    It’s the first key Mayor Dee Margo has given in his time in office.

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