Las Cruces police investigate a shooting that killed a teenage girl


A teenage girl was killed when she was struck by a bullet that was fired into a Las Cruces residence early Saturday morning, a spokesman with the Las Cruces Police Department said.

The spokesman said the girl was killed by a bullet that was fired from the street toward the residents on the 1400 block of Monte Vista Avenue.

Monte Vista Avenue opened to traffic Saturday evening.

Detectives on scene found two bullet holes as of Saturday afternoon, according to the spokesman.

One witness, Cory Gasparich, told CBS 4 he was woken up by his dogs early Saturday morning before he heard three gunshots.

"All of a sudden I heard three shots. It was one and then two in succession. So it was like pop, pop, pop. And then after I heard a high pitched engine going off away from me. I can only guess it was east," he said.

Police do not have a description of the vehicle but confirmed that all witnesses they had spoken with said it had a loud muffler.

Police said there was a "large gathering" taking place at the residence at the time of the shooting.

The shooting happened shortly after 3 a.m., but police say most of the large crowd had left by the time they had arrived to the scene, causing many witnesses to be accounted for.

"I think this was very specific," Gasparich said. "That doesn't just happen that people just do that."

If you have any information, you are urged to contact the Las Cruces Police Department at 575-528-4200 or the Mesilla Valley Regional Dispatch Authority at 575-526-0795.

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