Las Cruces woman accused of punching paramedic, breaking apartment window

Alexa Rodriguez is accused of punching a paramedic and breaking an apartment window in Las Cruces.

A woman in Las Cruces is accused of punching a paramedic who was tending to her hand after she broke a window in an apartment, police said.

The incident happened Sunday around 1:30 p.m. on Missouri Avenue.

Police said Alexa Monet Rodriguez, 29, used a rock to smash a window of an apartment and cut her hand.

Rodriguez then allegedly went to another apartment and demanded that the people inside open the door. The residents called 911 and an officer found Rodriguez nearby, police said.

A paramedic was called to look at Rodriguez's hand and, while he was doing so, Rodriguez reportedly punched him. Police said Rodriguez cut and bruised the paramedic’s face.

She was restrained and taken to Memorial Medical Center before being booked into jail.

She was charged with one count of battery upon a health care worker, one count of criminal damage to property and one count of disorderly conduct.

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