Lawsuit against Veronica Escobar, elections administrator dropped

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    A lawsuit filed against Democratic candidate Veronica Escobar and El Paso County Elections Administrator Lisa Wise has been dropped.

    In March, three of the candidates who ran for the District 16 Congressional seat filed a civil lawsuit, claiming the results of the March 6 election were rigged.

    On Tuesday, Escobar issued the following statement:

    This lawsuit never had merit under the law or fact. A frivolous challenge to elections undermines confidence in the election process, reflects disrespect for the voters’ will and costs the tax payers and winning candidates’ resources.

    In the lawsuit, Enrique Garcia, John Carrillo and Norma Garcia believed hard drives were tampered with before the election began and then were taken to polling places with high voter turnout to get more votes for Escobar, who will run for the congressional seat in November after winning the March election.

    The lawsuit also alleged that people in the elections office, including Wise, engaged in fraud or illegal conduct of the election code.

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