Less people are using Sun Metro buses, numbers show

Sun Metro bus (file photo)

Sun Metro is experiencing some ridership problems. It had 14,696 riders last year, but had nearly a thousand less, 13,766, this year.

Director of Sun Metro Jay Banasiak says gas prices and construction are some of the things causing people not to take the bus.

"One of the other things that we’ve found out is that Uber and Lyft were taking our passengers too. That's a phenomenon that's going on throughout the entire country."

Hubarto Caudillo catches the bus in front of City Hall downtown four times a week. He says there's one thing Sun Metro can do to get more people on buses, especially on his route.

"I think there are only two buses that are running now. There used to be three,” Caudillo said. “So it's a little different now. It delays people who are getting home or to work also."

Banasiak says the Brio system should help out with ridership long-term. That means adjusting the current routes many people take.

"Becoming more efficient will be; we'll look at our routes,” Banasiak said. “We'll see what routes we don't need to have out there or, at least, that are really low in ridership figures and we'll adjust those."

Some people tell me they aren't on board with taking out routes.

"We still need all of the routes , everything that's available,” Nora Rojas said.

"Some people on those routes that really need that transportation,” Anthony Chavez said. “You know? Some people don't have the means or the money."

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