Man accused in Westside murder rejects state's plea offer

Marco Antonio Nava, one of two men accused in the murder of Christian Jojorian has rejected prosecutors' plea offer. 

Marco Antonio Nava has decided to take his case before a jury, rejecting prosecutors' plea offer in court on Thursday.

Nava is accused in the death of Christian Jorjorian.

He's one of two teens facing charges.

Marcelo Mailland is accused of shooting Jorjorian last year in west El Paso.

Investigators say the pair tried to rob Jorjorian during a drug deal.

Nava is facing capital murder charges.

Prosecutors offered him 30 years if he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of murder, but Nava rejected that and said he'll go in front of a jury.

If he had accepted the plea offer, he could have been eligible for parole in 15 years.

Jury selection is scheduled to start on Friday.

Nava is currently out on bond.

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