Headstone replaced at Restlawn cemetery

Ted Allen Matteson's tombstone was fixed at Restlawn Cemetery.

Problem solved!

A mother who reached out CBS4 Problem Solvers after her son's tombstone had been damaged by the cemetery's crew said the burial site has been fixed.

In September 2017, Nanette Dugger said her son’s grave was damaged by workers at Restlawn cemetery.

On Monday, Dugger sent CBS4 images of the fixed headstone.

In September, she said it happened more than once, and each time she’s been told to cover the cost herself.

Dugger said her son’s grave has been damaged more than once.

She believes workers were responsible for the damage but says the cemetery won’t pay to fix it.

“This is my first son, nobody lets him rest in peace,” Dugger said.

Dugger said it all started two years ago when parts of her son’s headstone cracked or was broken off.

Dugger said she told the cemetery but ended up paying out of pocket for the repairs.

“The one manager telling me, no it’s not our problem, they can’t help me,” Dugger said.

Dugger said the cemetery didn’t know how the headstone was damaged.

But she has an idea.

“They don’t know what happened and I know what it is -- it's the lawn mower,” Dugger said.

Dugger said a new manager told her to put lights around the headstone so if it was the lawn mowers, they would no longer be able go over it.

But then in December she said a marble plate with her son’s photo was shattered to pieces.

It also had an inscription saying, “we miss you daddy.”

"I finally got to the point where everything was settled and I didn't have to go and check it every day to see what was wrong, sorry,” Dugger said.

This time, Dugger said the manager at the cemetery offered to replace the photo using stainless steel, but won’t replace the inscription.

“They aren’t going to put 'we miss you' or 'we love you daddy,'” Dugger said.

Dugger said she just wants the cemetery to honor her son the way she intended.

“As much as it costs to lay our loved ones to rest, we shouldn’t have to go through this,” Dugger said.

CBS4 spoke with the manager at the Restlawn cemetery.

He said he does plan on fixing the headstone, but said he already gave Dugger her options.

We asked him about the lawn mowers and he said it wouldn’t be fair to charge her.

If you have a problem and want CBS4 to investigate, call 915-833-4400.

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