Mother of cancer survivor granted more time in El Paso by ICE

Alia Escobedo with her mom Maria De Loera.

A 9-year-old cancer survivor won't have to say goodbye to her mother, at least for one more year.

Maria De Loera was granted a one-year stay of removal while her daughter Alia continues to recover from two bouts of cancer.

The family arrived in the U.S. seeking asylum three years ago. While that case was pending Alia was diagnosed with bone and lung cancer.

The asylum case was eventually denied and the family has had to get stays of removals repeatedly to continue cancer treatment.

Her immigration attorney told CBS4 Maria was weary Friday as she presented herself before Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials for a decision.

“Maria is perfectly strong and brave. She never faltered once knowing she was going to abide by what ICE was asking her to do. She bravely reported this morning not knowing her fate,” said immigration attorney Linda Rivas.

During this one year period, Rivas said, they will try De Loera’s case again as her marital status has changed.

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