Neighbors concerned for pet safety in Sunset Heights area


Neighbors tell CBS4 they're concerned for the safety of their pets and community cats in the Sunset Heights area.

Some people in Sunset Heights were mailed a pamphlet alleging that cats are being poisoned. It's unclear who sent out the pamphlet, but it has contact information for Sun City Cats, which is a trap, neuter and return program. The mailer states that many cats have gone missing or have been found dead near Fewel Street.

CBS4 spoke with a man who says his dog was poisoned a couple weeks ago. He said his dog started acting lethargic and could barely move. He took her to the vet, where he was told the dog was poisoned.

"She did get poisoned," Jonathan Roa said. "They told me if I wouldn't have taken her within that hour, she would have been gone."

Other neighbors who received the pamphlet said the information on it is concerning, considering how many cats and other pets are in the neighborhood.

"We have the cat ladies that go around, and you see where they leave food around for the cats, which in itself is a problem, I think," Lupe Arellano said.

CBS4 On Your Side called Sun City Cats multiple times but did not hear back.

CBS4 did speak with a spokesperson for El Paso Animal Services. She said they checked the 311 system for reports of deceased cats in the Sunset Heights area and were not able to find any reports.

Animal services recommends if you suspect any sort of animal abuse to report it by calling 311 and collect evidence, like photos or video, which could help in a possible animal abuse investigation.

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