Neighbors concerned with traffic, drop off issues at Montwood High School

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As Montwood High School students get dropped off in the morning and picked up in the afternoon, a lot of parents are stopping their vehicles in the middle of the street, which is a concern for people who live in the area.

"It's a big deal because we see it every day,” said a resident who lives in the area and didn’t want to be identified. "There (have) been quite a (few) close calls where students are almost being hit, because cars are going around the parked cars."

People who live off of Firehouse Drive next to Montwood said parents are parking along the street, which is causing other vehicles to go around them while students are walking around the area.

"It's a single lane where they're parking and blocking traffic,” the resident said.

He said the city posted “No Parking Zone” signs up and restriped the street, making two lanes and a middle turn lane.

"We've been fighting this for over a year,” he said. "Usually, there (are) about 19 cars on the no parking zone on both sides of the street."

CBS4 spoke with the El Paso Police Department about the signs. A spokesperson said it is illegal to stop in the middle of a driving lane, even if you are just picking someone up.

Socorro Independent School District said they don’t have crossing guards in the area since it is a high school.

The district said parents can use the parking lot along Bob Mitchell Drive and near the flag poles located on the school’s property as a designated area to drop off and pick up students.

SISD said it’s using this time to educate folks about the new signs, but said they will start writing citations if needed.

Folks who live in the neighborhood said they are only worried about safety.

"That's our main concern right now, for the students, just to make sure they're safe and they slow down the traffic,” said the neighbor we spoke with.

He said there have been a couple of accidents in the area.

Neighbors also want speed bumps to keep students crossing the street safe.

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