New bike lanes on Westside may take away two lanes of traffic for drivers

New bike lanes are in the works on El Paso’s Westside.

New bike lanes are in the works on El Paso’s Westside. The City of El Paso is planning to install bike lanes along Escondido Drive and on High Ridge Drive.

The lanes will run along Escondido from Resler to Broadmoor, and on High Ridge Drive from Westside Community Park to Via Serena drive.

The project will include restriping the road that's already there, and take away one lane of traffic in each direction.

El Pasoans can get involved in the beginning stages of this project at a community meeting Tuesday night at 6 p.m. in the Cafeteria of Rivera Elementary School, 6445 Escondido Drive.

The city said, “Both projects are part of the City of El Paso's Comprehensive Bike Plan. To ensure synergy, the planning process included an extensive public outreach campaign and close coordination with agencies undertaking bicycle planning efforts, including the Texas Department of Transportation and the El Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization.

“The Bike Plan serves as a guide in identifying which routes are best for bicycling in order to create an interconnected network of bicycle lanes, which will allow bicyclists to commute from one side of town to another using only bike lanes.”

To learn more about the bike plan, please visit:


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