New businesses to open soon in downtown Las Cruces

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Many new businesses are getting ready to open up in downtown Las Cruces with the promise of attracting people of all ages.

But while parts of downtown remain under construction, many visitors are looking forward to seeing what’s in store for the heart of the city once the dust finally settles.

First is the Amador Project that is scheduled to open at the end of May.

It will feature a martini bar, tap house, a new restaurant and a rooftop lounge to host live music.

The new Las Cruces visitors center will open its doors by the end of April, right next to the new rooftop lounge.

It’ll be where people can take shuttle rides from downtown to Spaceport America.

“Spaceport is kind of a big deal but it's kind of out there so if they have a shuttle, that would be great to get people going that way,” Las Cruces resident Rebecca Montoya said.

Also coming to downtown is a new microbrewery, a comic book store and an old-school ice cream parlor for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Phil San Filippo, economic director for Las Cruces, said the construction for downtown is on budget and on schedule.

Monday CBS4 spoke with people who were visiting downtown Las Cruces from Ohio.

They said more businesses will only add to making downtown an exciting destination for tourists.

“We love the Mexican food and that’s kind of why we came to the area originally. It’s nice to have a place just to walk around, check it out, go to some shops and talk with some friends when you’re on vacation,” visitor Patricia Becker said.

April 12 to 14, Las Cruces will host a celebration downtown to honor the first American ever to travel to space.

During the celebration will be the unveiling of the replica for the Virgin Galactic 2 that will soon take people to outer space.

"Wear your favorite Darth Vader or Princess Leia costume and come down and join us,” San Filippo said.

The replica of the Virgin Galactic 2 will be on display for 6six months just up the street from downtown, right in front of City Hall.

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