New eastside military clinic sees increase in veterans seeking mental health care

Stephen A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Family Endeavors

A new clinic on the eastside has seen an increase in mental health patients since its launch.

The Stephen A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Family Endeavors celebrated its grand opening on Sept. 15.

Since then, the clinic has seen more people than they expected.

Here, veterans and their families can receive free and accessible mental health care.

The location for the clinic is actually very significant because the ZIP code 79936 has the highest concentration of veterans in the region.

However, the clinic has been seeing patients from all over.

This is the second clinic of its kind to launch in Texas.

The first one opened last year in San Antonio. In that time they’ve treated over 1,000 veterans

Meanwhile, the El Paso clinic has seen over 100 veterans so far, and it’s seeing an increase each week.

Clinic director Sandy Emanuel says this has really shown the need for veteran mental health care in El Paso.

“The VA, who we partner with and have a great relationship with, and we’re grateful for them and the services they provide, they can only do so much. We are partnering and filling in gaps,” she said.

Since the clinic has seen a bigger turnout of patients than expected, the clinic says it’s expanding its staff to keep up with the growth.

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