New facility to bring 120 manufacturing jobs to new Santa Teresa facility

Corrugated Synergies International

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez was in Santa Teresa to welcome a new business.

Corrugated Synergies International specializes in sheet feeding and is now near the Santa Teresa Port of Entry.

It’ll bring about 120 manufacturing jobs to the area.

The president of the company said its investing nearly $40 million in the facility.

How it came to be

: Martinez is recognized for bringing the new facility to the border town.

Martinez told CBS4 she was in Washington state pitching the region.

Martinez said her sales pitch was “that we had the perfect location because we're a border state, we had a border crossing, (and) we had Union Pacific in order for them to transport their goods all over the country and into Mexico as well."

The factory will be up and running later in the summer.

Applicants can apply via Workforce Solutions.

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