New Mexico teachers could get a raise, public schools could get funding increase

    The Associated Press says that would move the base pay from $44,000 a year to $50,000 a year.<p>{/p}

    Teachers across the Land of Enchantment could be getting a raise, after a budget proposal suggests pumping more money into New Mexico schools.

    A 188-page presentation from New Mexico’s legislative finance committee puts a large chunk of funding into public schools, with a focus on helping low-income and minority students.

    The budget proposal suggests base pay for mid-career teachers would increase by more than 13 percent.

    The Associated Press says that would move the base pay from $44,000 a year to $50,000 a year.

    The proposal also suggests a minimum salary increase for teachers as they go through three separate certification levels.

    The budget proposal’s increase comes after a court order to better serve low-income and minority students.

    A lawsuit alleged New Mexico is not meeting a constitutional obligation to provide sufficient funding and programming for at-risk public school students.

    The presentation says Las Cruces has the seventh-highest unemployment rate in the state, so the city of crosses would be included in the initiative to better serve low-income students.

    It also suggests extending the school year for several elementary schools by five weeks.

    Less than one week ago, Texas senators introduced a bill proposing to give each teacher in the Lone Star State a $5,000 raise.

    That Texas bill is passing through the senate.

    If the New Mexico budget proposal is passed, it would go into effect July 1.

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