New pictures emerge in Hatch, New Mexico, plane crash

Hatch, New Mexico

New pictures are emerging that give us a closer look at how a small plane crashed in Hatch, New Mexico.

The new pictures show the wreckage days after the plane went down. You can tell the plane crashed pretty hard, possibly nose diving.

CBS4 reporter Ashley Claster looked up the tail number on the plane. She found the plane is registered to a company in Florida called Caribbean Paradise. The owner of that company is Garfield Humphreys, who once lived in El Paso while working for the military.

Claster tracked down his phone number and Humphreys said he had the airplane while working here, and keeps it in El Paso under the care of the pilot in Saturday's crash, Anthony Deramus, 57.

Deramus, Kanequa Chancellor, 41; Christopher Howell, 33; and Malcolm Watkins, 25 all died in the crash.

It turns out, Deramus was one of Humphreys' closest friends. They had an arrangement that if Deramus kept up with the plane's maintenance, he could take it out whenever he wants. Humphreys said he is devastated to hear the news of his best friend's death.

We found they left from El Paso International Airport before 9 a.m., headed north, then went offline shortly after.

We called the Federal Aviation Administration and it told us it doesn't require the flight logs and repair logs, but it has the right to inspect them at any time.

The FAA said the National Transportation Board is in charge of the investigation. We reached out to the NTSB, and the spokesperson told us he would get back to us with more information.

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