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New study ranks El Paso as having 2nd lowest rate of depression in U.S.

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Emergence Health Network

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A new report ranked El Paso as having the second-lowest rate of depression among mid-size U.S. metros. The study took into consideration things like a person's environment, genetics, stress and physical well-being.

“We don’t really know how many people are not coming forward saying, I’m depressed, I need help,” said Dr. Rodriguez-Chevres, chief medical officer at Emergence Health Network.

Within the past few years, the percentage of people diagnosed with depression has increased significantly, despite new medical breakthroughs. Unfortunately, more than half of the people diagnosed with a mental illness receive no treatment, according to Mental Health America.

“We’re in a border town that is heavily Hispanic. So, traditionally, we are not the best to come forward,” said Rodriguez-Chevres.

According to the research, 15.8% of El Paso residents have been diagnosed with depression. In the United States, 20.4% of adults are diagnosed with depression.

“When people are clinically depressed, they lose the capacity to enjoy life. They lose interest and motivation,” said Rodriguez-Chevres.

For resources in El Paso to help with combating depression and building mental health, click here.

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