NYE dog who lost home, brother is adopted by Fort Worth couple who saw him on Facebook

Couple from Fort Worth adopts dog lost in El Paso on NYE. (CBS4)

A dog who started the new year off away from his home and without the companionship of his brother is getting a second chance at life thanks to a couple from Fort Worth.

We first told you about the 11-year-old dog on New Year’s Eve. He escaped from his home after being frightened by fireworks.

The Animal Rescue League found the dog in the middle of Doniphan Drive. His brother had been hit and killed by a car, but the dog would not leave his side.

Employees took him to the shelter.

Over the course of a week, hope for finding his owners or a new home was dwindling.

“If he would have been at Animal Services six days, they’re not claimed, at his age, he would have been euthanized,” Loretta Hyde with the Animal Rescue League said.

Then CBS4 reporter Ashley Claster shared the dog’s story on Facebook Live.

Lisa and Charlie Hodges were watching from Fort Worth, Texas.

“I saw him and I commented on it and said ‘I want him.’ I didn’t think anything else of it because I thought his family would be the first to show up,” Lisa said.

A week went by and on one claimed him.

The dog sat in a kennel, heartbroken and not eating.

The couple decided to drive more than 10 hours to El Paso to pick him up.

“I wasn’t going to let it die in a shelter. It was not going to die without someone loving this dog,” Charlie said.

And then they met him.

“We started walking down the runway. That dog was sitting at the fence and he looked at us like, ‘They’re coming to get me.’ He knew that we were here for him,” Charlie said.

And then they gave him a name – Duke Hodges.

“Dogs that go through trauma like that, they appreciate being loved,” Lisa said.

Duke has a new home and he’s settling in with his new siblings, Sissy and Trooper.

Charlie and Lisa took Duke to the vet and for the most part he is healthy, just needing some dental work and treatment for arthritis.

It's been a rough start to 2018 for Duke but he now has a lot to look forward to thanks to two giving hearts.

“He’s the most amazing dog I ever met,” Lisa said.

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