Off-roaders destroying baseball field keeps kids from practicing


Neighbors in Las Cruces say they’ve been dealing with a recurring nuisance.

They say after every rainstorm people off-roading plow through a baseball field and keeping kids from practicing.

Neighbors say kids can’t practice on the baseball field adjacent to the Benavidez Community Center on McClure road.

They say it’s filled with deep muddy tracks caused by people using the field to go off-roading.

Concerned neighbors who didn’t wish to appear on camera say it doesn’t matter whether it’s day or night.

They say after every rainstorm they car driving through the fields and tearing it up after getting stuck.

“It’s not fair to the kids and not even just the kids that play, let alone the teams.

“The kids they get inside the park and destroying it due to flood waters,” one neighbor said.

“This last time it was a regular car it wasn’t a four-wheel drive truck parked in the middle just digging holes trying to get out so they’re trashing the place more and more,” said another neighbor.

I spoke to someone who lives behind the fields who said she see’s coaches doing what they can to level out the fields so kids can have practice.

“It’s unfair because the coaches that try to make it leveled and you know, they bring the kids to practice and everything and it’s so bad every time they come back it’s damaged,” a neighbor said.

After our previous report during the peak of the monsoon season in July, Las Cruces police said they would patrol the area more.

Neighbors say they’ve noticed more security but the issue keeps happening.

“It’s wasting city money because they’re out there leveling it and it rains again and they go out immediately and destroy it,” a neighbor said.

Today CBS4 spoke with Mayor Ken Miyagishima; who said he’s going to be looking into the issue.

“Rest assured we’ll keep an eye on it now that we know they actually do this. We’ll take necessary steps to make sure that doesn’t happen. And if it needs to be, we’ll have some undercover police over there, we’ll shut them down,” Miyagishima said.

The mayor said the city also plans to build a retention pond near the field to help alleviate flooding.

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