Officials working with Apache tribe in Mescalero to prepare for possible mudslides

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The Department of Interior is working with tribal crews to protect people and the land from possible mudslides.

Close to 1,300 acres of forest were burned during last week’s fire in Mescalero, New Mexico.

Officials on Thursday were preparing ahead of expected weekend storms.

Local, state, and federal agencies are working together to protect the landscape near homes that have been damaged after last week's wildfire.

Officials say fires lead to loss of vegetation which makes the land vulnerable to runoffs.

Tribe members worry runoffs could cause mudslides that threaten the community, and possibly obstructing roads.

Multiple agencies were working on Thursday with the Mescalero Apache tribe, putting in barriers and sandbags with hopes of protecting people and their property.

The Mescalero Apache tribe president has issued a state of emergency on the reservation.

Officials said residents might have to evacuate their homes and return when it’s safe.

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