Parents shocked following EPISD school closure announcement

Local parents are shocked after the El Paso Independent School District announced they are planning to close schools to offset costs.

The board of trustees for the El Paso Independent School District announced Thursday that the board is considering closing some of its schools to offset costs.

While the district hasn't said which schools it will close, it's likely that schools with low enrollment will be picked.

So, CBS4 dug up enrollment numbers for schools across the district for the current school year.

This is what we found:

For the 2017-2018 school year, the 10 least-attended schools at EPISD are all elementary schools.

They range from Zavala Elementary School in south central El Paso, with 226 students, to Beall Elementary School in central El Paso, with 363 students.

To put this into perspective, the lowest-attended middle school in the district is Armendariz Middle School, with 541 students.

The lowest-attended high school, Jefferson High School, has 1,056 students, not including the Silva Health Magnet.

Hours after the announcement was made, CBS4 spoke with parents about the news.

Many of them told us closing schools should never be done to save money.

"I don't think it's really gonna help, 'cause if we jam more students into classes, I don't think they're gonna learn as much," said EPISD parent Aracely Sanchez.

The EPISD board of trustees said it could save $1 million for each school that closes.

Parents we spoke with told us the board should go back to its budget and find another way.

“Horrible,” said EPISD parent John Nunez. “I mean, education shouldn’t, you know, you shouldn’t take a toll on that, no matter what the cost is.”

Parents said they were shocked to hear the announcement from the district.

“I feel a little worried, because my son is very comfortable here,” said EPISD parent Minerva Jaramillo. “He’s going to be in the first grade and I think, if we made a change, he’s going to be uncomfortable.”

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