Update: Volunteers cleanup children's gravesite vandalized at Las Cruces cemetery

    Parents upset children's gravesite vandalized at Las Cruces cemetery (Source: CBS4)<p>{/p}

    CBS4 has learned the damaged headstones at a LasC ruces cemetery.

    On Monday, we reported that grieving parents picking up the pieces from their child’s gravesite after it was vandalized.

    Around 20 headstones were vandalized over the weekend at the Masonic Cemetery.

    The headstones that were vandalized were those of children who lost their lives at a very early age.

    The Guardians of the Children City of Crosses, a local biker group, cleaned up the gravesites Monday evening.

    Helen Huckabay said she came to the Masonic cemetery Sunday morning to visit her 3-year-old son, who died last year in a house fire.

    “It was just a disaster. It was a horrific sight to see for somebody who’s still grieving for their child,” Huckabay said.

    Huckabay said she was devastated to find toys she placed on her son's grave scattered around among items from other graves.

    “It looked like a tornado hit through here. Everything was broken. There was stuff planted in the ground that was pulled out and broken,” Huckabay said.

    Huckabay said she and her brother began tidying up, placing flowers from other parents back on the graves of their loved ones.

    “I know some parents have sentimental things out here and I’m pretty sure is very heart-wrenching for them to come out and find all the broken pieces of stuff they left for their loved ones,” Huckabay said.

    The cemetery superintendent said the groundskeepers began working to clean up the area at around 6 a.m. Monday.

    Crews worked to gather sentimental items placing them in bags and notifying the families to pick them up.

    Michael Ochoa, the cemetery superintendent, said anyone who notices any kind of vandalism should report it so the staff can address the issue promptly.

    Ochoa adds that if families want to leave a sentimental item on a gravestone they can make exceptions as long as people inform the cemetery.

    Ochoa also said the cemetery currently has security cameras and the video can be reviewed.

    If you have any problems that you would like CBS4 for to solve call our hotline at 915-833-4411.

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