Parents worry anthem politics could spill into high school games


Friday’s football fever had some fans worried the national anthem debate would spill into the high school fields.

For the Ortiz family football is a big deal. They prepared a tailgate outside the stadium ahead of America’s High School game.

“I think they would do it because they would think it's something that's going on right now,” Edgar Ortiz, a fan, said. “I'm not quite sure if they quite understand exactly what's going on, maybe he does maybe he doesn't.”

Socorro ISD doesn’t have a policy for the national anthem plays. Neither does Ysleta ISD and El Paso ISD. EPISD told CBS4 that they respect student’s free speech.

“I don't think the kids should be concerned about that. They should be concerned about their academics,” Orlando Perez, a fan, said.

While some parents and fans prefer the kids stay away from the politics of the national anthem, they respect their decision.

“That's up to them but I wouldn't agree with it, I wouldn't say it's appropriate for them at this age,” Perez said.

“Who am I to say don't do it?” Ortiz said. “But I think that's very disrespectful.”

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