People in Kern Place trying to fight back against possible new bar near Cincinnati Avenue

Local contractors want to turn this former hair salon on Stanton Street into a bar (KFOX14)

People in Kern Place said there's already enough trouble and noise coming from the Cincinnati bar area.

"We're near the Cincinnati area, and there are plenty of bars,” Anne Giangiulio said. “We've had our issues with them."

"I did have a convertible vehicle. Someone tried to hurdle it and they put their foot through the top of the soft top,” David Wyatt said.

Now they're starting a petition to stop a new bar from opening at an old nail salon just down the street.

"N.O. 'Hell No!' is what went immediately through my head,” Giangiulio said.

The bar is located on Stanton Street and Robinson Avenue and just a block away from these peoples' homes.

The owners say it won't be a rowdy place.

"We want to have a neighborhood-friendly, pet-friendly bar that also serves food,” said Scott Walker, a member of the bar’s ownership group.

The group plans to make it into a bar meant for the neighborhood.

"We've very high on having a patio. We want to open it up and have open-house exterior feel," Walker said.

The same group owns Later Later in downtown El Paso. CBS4 On Your Side found Later Later has been cited for noise complaints. The owners have warrants for failing to appear in court to answer for those complaints.

"They've already proven themselves to us, and I don't need it to be open for us to find out after the fact that they are going to do it again,” Giangiulio said.

CBS4 On Your Side asked the owners what they can do to make sure the bar doesn't cause problems.

They admit they can't make any promises.

"We understand the issues we've had. But we can't assure that there will be no issues with this place. We are going to be serving alcohol,” Walker said. “I can assure you, we are trying to bring in a very nice establishment that everyone can be proud of."

CBS4 also asked Walker how people are supposed to trust them if they didn't appear in court to answer for the noise complaints at Later Later.

He said they never received a court summons and added that they are now challenging the warrants.

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