People living near pecan plant in Far East El Paso say noise is still an issue

Neighborhood near pecan plant in far east El Paso. (CBS4)

Neighbors in a Far East side community say the noise from a nearby pecan processing plant is still a nuisance.

“It’s just uncomfortable. ... We live here. And there’s all that noise. It’s really hard to enjoy your house, your home,” said Eddie Barraza, who lives in one of the homes directly behind the plant.

CBS4 first reported on the problem in June.

The Southwest Pecan Company met with city officials and neighbors in June 2017.

At the time, the city told CBS4 that the plant was up to code and was not violating any noise ordinance.

But this week, the company ended up paying a $1,000 citation.

“I literally just got the citations, I guess maybe, 10 days ago, from June or July,” said Jeff Worn, Southwest Pecan vice president.

According to online court records, the violations allegedly happened five times from July 16 to 21.

Although the company paid the fine, Worn told CBS4 the plant never violated any ordinance, and was never informed of any violation until now.

“There was no proof in the citations at all. It was just a complaint that had been filed through the city prosecutor,” Worn said.

CBS4 reached out to the city of El Paso. A city spokesperson said a citizen’s complaint had been filed, which led to the citation.

The city of El Paso and El Paso police had nothing to do with it.

Despite the complaint and fine, the city said code compliance has been monitoring noise levels since summertime, and those readings have found the plant to be in compliance.

Neighbors said they still want a solution.

“I hope the city rep or whoever, somebody, can answer some questions and listen to the people’s concerns around here. Like I said, everyone has the right to earn a living and do what they gotta do but let’s help the people out here, too,” Barraza said.

The city said that because the plant paid the fine already, there’s nothing that can be done, even though the plant owner apparently wasn’t violating the law.

The city will continue to monitor noise levels in the area.

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