Woman caught on camera stealing package from home porch

Police looking for this person who allegedly stole UPS package from the front porch of a home. (Credit: KFOX14/CBS4)

Alleged suspects caught on camera stealing a UPS package from a home in Las Cruces

Police in Las Cruces are looking for suspects caught on camera stealing a UPS package from a man’s doorstep.

The theft happened Tuesday afternoon on Missouri Avenue near Telshor Boulevard. Just three minutes after UPS dropped off a package, it was stolen and caught on camera.

Surveillance video shows a woman wearing a tan scrub top walking up to the doorstep, briefly turning her head to see if anyone is looking, then picking up the package and walking toward the street.

The woman then begins to run as a car pulls up for her and drives away.

We spoke with the resident of the home but we aren’t releasing his identity.

“It looked organized because they pulled right up and it happened about three minutes after the package was delivered, so it almost seemed like they were following the truck or at least had an idea that there would be a package there,” the man said.

He tells CBS4 that in the past, people have stolen tools from his truck while it was parked on the driveway.

He said it wasn’t until last week they got their security cameras installed, just in the nick of time.

“We did get broken into and burglarized and that’s part of he reason why we decided to get a security system put in,” he said.

The man posted the video on social media and received comments from people saying it’s also happened to them.

“People we’re talking about how they’ve had the same thing happen, checks stolen out of mailboxes and that kinda stuff,” he said.

Neighbors who live nearby say the video has circulated and now they’re keeping a close eye on their neighborhood.

“My neighbors are going to be looking out every time a car comes or a delivery comes by; I’ll be keeping an out on my neighbors,” Kathy Peerman said.

Police said there haven’t been any other reports of stolen packages recently.

They said this is an ongoing investigation and asked anyone who recognizes the suspect or the car to call police.

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