Petting zoo at Licon Dairy opens days after dog attack

    Lincon Dairy petting zoo

    A beloved Borderland petting zoo reopened after a brutal dog attack left 10 animals dead, forcing it to shut down.

    Many pens are empty at Licon Dairy, but owners have been able to raise about $9,700 at last check, since the attack.

    Today is the first time visitors have come back to a place that brings so much joy.

    “I think I like coming here more than my kids and my husband (do),” said Mayra Delrio.

    Delrio said there’s still a certain sadness lingering in the air.

    “I guess there’s a little fear in the animals themselves,” said Delrio. “They’re just not the same.”

    Delrio said it’s hard to grasp such a bad thing happening to innocent animals.

    “It was so sad,” said Delrio.

    A llama, one of the injured animals, still has a red eye and bruised jaw from the attack. The animals who were lost will be replaced.

    “It hasn’t been the first time and, hopefully, this will be the last time that it happens,” said Eugenio Licon, the owner of Licon Dairy.

    Licon said the dairy plans to use funds raised on its GoFundMe page to replace animals. He said making sure animals stay safe is a top priority.

    “Goats! You like the goats?” said visitor Ruby Zuniga to her daughter.

    Zuniga said she’s glad things are getting back on track.

    “(My daughters) always claim that the animals are theirs,” said Zuniga.

    But still, Zuniga said, she’s upset.

    “It’s just really infuriating seeing how many people don’t take care of their animals, and how much lack of control there is when it comes to all of the animals in this area,” said Zuniga.

    Perhaps with continued community support, beauty may come from this tragedy.

    Licon said there still aren’t any leads on the owners of the dogs who attacked. The GoFund Me page has reached its goal but people are still donating.

    Licon told CBS4 that the dairy is hoping to get new animals in as early as next week.

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