Piles of onions found in dirt road along Las Cruces

Piles of onions in Dona Ana County (1).jpg

Some people in Las Cruces made a tear-jerking discovery in the middle of the desert where, they said, they found thousands of onions in a pile more than 5 feet tall.

As you’re driving down a dirt road in the middle of a desert in this heat, the last thing you’d expect to find are mountains of onions in the middle of nowhere.

Typically, you can find onions at your local grocery store or at a factory that processes them.

But thousands of onions ended up in the middle of the desert just 2 miles away from the airport near Frontage Road.

Barker Produce donated the onions to a rancher who wanted to use them to feed his cattle.

“He wanted to buy some number two, some cole onions, to spread out across his place and feed some of his cattle since we’re having a drought right now. Nothing to eat,” Brandon Baker owner of Barker Produce said.

The owner of Barker Produce said the grocery stores shy away from buying cole onions because they have a cedar, which is a corky stem with a hard center.

Barker said cull onions are perfectly fine to eat as long as you cut around the onion and get rid of the middle.

“Anything outside is still perfectly fine to eat,” Barker said.

Today, many people who didn’t know why the onions were there filled up bags of onions to take home.

“They’re good. They’re all different sizes. They’re all different shapes. I’ve got stew onions, regular onions. All different sizes so, I mean, they’re all real good onions. Still, you can find soft ones but those you just toss off to the side. The coyotes will eat them,” Las Cruces resident Chris Allen said.

Some people we spoke with thought these onions could have been donated to people in the community.

Barker Produce said that, since the beginning of May, it has donated 200,000 pounds of onions to local food banks.

“We’ve got tons of onions that we donate to the food banks and we gather every day here so you really don’t have to go out to a ranch and pile on onions,” Barker said.

Barker said the onions won’t last too long under the sun.

He said if you want fresh cull onions, you can stop by the front desk at Barker Produce.

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