Police looking for people off-roading on baseball fields

Las Cruces baseball field damaged by people off-roading. (KFOX)

Some people in Las Cruces say they’ve been dealing with a major nuisance after every rainstorm.

Just a few yards away from the Benavidez Community Center are baseball fields where kids practice and play games.

But with muddy tracks and misplaced boulders, they won’t be playing ball anytime soon.

Many neighbors who live near the community center say they’re fed up with people off-roading on the baseball fields whenever it rains.

"They're digging bigger and bigger ruts where the kids play over there in the baseball fields,” a neighbor said.

Neighbors who didn’t want to be on camera say people mud bog through the fields until they get stuck, leaving a mess.

"People go out there and they go crazy and they get stuck and they take the rocks and whatever they can find from the landscape of the Benavidez Center... to help themselves get out (and they) leave everything there and they kind of just leave everything a mess,” a neighbor said.

Neighbors say they’ve seen an increase in people off-roading in the fields.

Another neighbor says that as of right now, her son and his team can’t practice because of the conditions.

"A lot of people use that area and it kind of sucks that they have to stop,” a neighbor said.

Neighbors said they’ve reported the off-roading to police but nothing has changed.

"I sat and watched a cop drive right by it so I don’t know if they have any authority or if it's just not (a) priority on their list right now.,"

Police say the reason why they haven’t been able to do much about it, is because they need more information to catch those responsible.

Police don’t want anyone getting hurt but they say if you’re able to take a photo or get the license plate number down, it’ll help them locate those responsible.

The cost of the damage has yet to be determined but the spokesperson for the city says people near the Benavidez Community Center can call to have the city clean the mess.

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