Police: Man impersonates peace officer to get discounts at car wash

Raul Amaya was arrested for impersonating a peace officer, police said. (Credit: Dona Ana County)

A Las Cruces man is in trouble after he allegedly posed as a public servant.

Raul Amaya, 31, tried getting a discounted price to get his vehicle washed by insinuating to a Pic Quik store cashier he was a public official for the Dona Ana County Fire Department, according to his arrest record.

Amaya requested the law enforcement car wash, flashing an object that resembled a badge on Nov. 14, mentioned in his arrest record.

The manager of the gas station said she noticed the plates on Amaya’s vehicle and approached him, saying the discounted price was only for police vehicles.

Amaya drove off after the encounter with the manager.

The following day, Amaya told investigators he used to be a volunteer firefighter and that he assumed that ex-volunteer firefighters could get the discounted car wash price.

An official with the Dona Ana County Fire Department confirmed that fire crews were not allowed to get the law enforcement discount on car washes for official or personal vehicles.

The Dona Ana County District Attorney’s Office confirmed that volunteer firefighters are not considered peace officers

Amaya was charged with impersonating a peace officer on Nov. 15.

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