Police warn public about yard sale regulations in Las Cruces

Signs like these are not allowed in Las Cruces. (Courtesy:LCPD)

Las Cruces police are reminding the public about regulations when it comes to yard sales.

The city has ordinances regulating the frequency of yard and garage sales and there are rules people should know about advertising such sales.

These types of yard, garage, rummage, tag or moving sales should not be held for more than four days and no more than three times per calendar year in one location, police said.

A permit from the city can be obtained for sales held at businesses or other properties not used mainly for residential or institutional purposes.

The city also has an ordinance in place to curb the amount of litter and traffic risks that may result from improperly placed sale signs. Signs for these sales are only allowed on private properties and only with the property owner’s permission, police said.

Placing signs on roadways, sidewalks, medians, shoulders, or placed on light poles, stop signs, fire hydrants or other public property is against city ordinance, according to police.

Violations of the city’s ordinances can result in a fine of as much as $500 or as many as 90 days in jail.

Signs are to be removed immediately after the sale is over so that they don’t blow into the roadways and become a traffic hazard.

For more information, contact the Codes Enforcement Office at 575-528-4100.

In El Paso, it is against the law to have a yard sale more than three times during a calendar year on the same lot, according to the city. Yard sales cannot be held for more than two days at a time. Garage sale signs cannot be placed on medians or on light, traffic or stop sign poles.

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