Prescriptions with sensitive information found scattered on the road

    Prescriptions with sensitive information found scattered on the road<p>{/p}

    Hundreds of prescriptions with patients’ names, addresses and phone numbers were found scattered on a road Monday afternoon near Doniphan Drive and Mulberry Avenue.

    "One of my employees told me, 'You may not want to go out there, there's a lot of debris, looks like snowflakes,'" said Brian Abraham, owner of Bordertown Carpets, a business nearby.

    Most of the prescriptions were from 2009, and they were signed by a wide variety of doctors from El Paso, Las Cruces, Anthony and Vado. Many of the prescriptions seemed to come from New Mexico.

    Workers who noticed the paper slips also noticed a black trash bag in the middle of the road with the prescriptions flying out of it.

    “There was one person who stopped in a truck and picked up the main bag. It was in the middle of the street,” Abraham said.

    CBS4 Problem Solvers noticed a Hospitals of Providence employee looking through the documents. A spokesperson for Providence later said the prescriptions had been filled and they were under the pharmacy’s jurisdiction. However, the spokeswoman was unsure of what pharmacy was responsible for the prescriptions scattered in the Upper Valley on Monday.

    “There was a couple of women in scrubs that came about two hours later,” said Alvaro Garcia, an employee of a nearby business.

    “They were out here picking all the papers they could, but I don’t even think they got all of them."

    CBS4 Problem Solvers returned to the location at around 3:30 p.m. Monday and noticed most of the prescriptions were picked up, but there were still some floating around in the wind.

    A large majority of the slips were stamped by Palafox Pharmacy in Anthony, New Mexico. CBS4 visited the pharmacy to find out if they were responsible for the prescriptions. Upon arrival, CBS4 discovered the pharmacy seemed abandoned. Medical supplies, such as an empty medicine bottles and surgical gloves, were seen outside the pharmacy.

    CBS4 Problem Solvers also attempted to call Palafox Pharmacy, but the phone calls went to a full voicemail.

    If you have a problem and would like CBS4 Problem Solvers to look into call our hotline at 915-833-4411.

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