Proposed ordinance could make playgrounds safer

Proposed ordinance could make playgrounds safer. (Credit: CBS4)

A proposed ordinance could require metal shade canopies at all new playgrounds.

City Council discussed the proposal Tuesday, but decided to defer any decisions to the next council meeting.

Parents said they've experienced hot playground equipment that doesn't have any shade.

"They can't even play there because it's hot. They can burn their skin," Javyer Acosta said. "My little girl touched (a slide) and she burned her hand."

CBS 4 On Your Side tested how scorching the playground gets without any shade. At Album Park, slides measured close to 130 degrees. Monkeybars were more than 100 degrees and the walkways were also close to 130 degrees.

"I brought (my kids) in today about 4 p.m. and it was really hot," parent Carla Barreno said. "The slides and the swings, it's really dangerous I think."

Parents told CBS 4 they like the plan to bring more shade to future playgrounds.

"That'll be great because more kids can come outside and play on the playgrounds," Acosta said.

Each metal structure would cost $135,000 on average and last about 30 years.

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