Renovations for Eastwood High School begin

Courtesy: Ysleta Independent School District

Construction for renovations at Eastwood High School in east El Paso off McRae begin on Monday.

Drivers who commute in this area will have to be extra careful because there will be an influx of pedestrians headed to work or school.

This is because a main lot will be blocked off to students, faculty and staff.

According to a letter from Armenia Smith Eastwood's principal, the high school will be renovated into a modern, 21st century facility.

But not without challenges for faculty, staff and community members.<fragment

According to Smith, designated parking lot assignments will be relocated during construction to allow crews full access to the campus.

Most faculty and staff will park on campus at the McRae front parking lot.

However, all purchased student parking spaces that have been purchased through Eastwood High School will be relocated to St. Luke's Methodist Church.

Additional parking will also be available at Mt. Hope Lutheran Church also located across the street.

Both churches are on Montwood.

Changes to the 51-year-old campus will see include:

--Replacement of the oldest parts of the campus (51 years old) --new fully comprehensive, 21st century high school to accommodate 2,200 students --maintenance of the newest and most viable parts of the campus

Parking changes to allow workers on campus begin on Monday.

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