Runoff likely for two El Paso City Representative races

Runoff likely for two El Paso City Representative races

Two races for city council will likely need runoff elections to decide who will represent District 1 and District 8.

Rep. Peter Svarzbein only has 30.61% of the votes for District 1. He represents west El Paso. He faced Veronica Roni Frescas, Carlos Corral, and Rick Bonart.

  • Peter Svarzbein (i) - 8,023 (30.61%)
  • Veronica Roni Frescas- 7,340 (28.0%)
  • Rick Bonart- 6,523 (24.88%)
  • Carlos Corral- 4,328 (16.51%)

"I think that there's a lot of momentum going on in El Paso. I think we've shown that we've done a lot for our streets, a lot for our public safety and a lot for families in district one," said Svarzbein.

"I am there for them, to listen to them and to hear them and to be their voice," said Frescas.

District 8 Rep. Cissy Lizarraga did not get enough votes to win the seat for District 8. While she will head to the next step of the election, it is not known who she will face.

  • Cissy Lizarraga (i)- 6,621 (43.61%)
  • Richard Wright- 2,375 (15.64%)
  • Nicholas Anthony Vasquez- 2,369 (15.64%)
  • Greg Baine- 2,142 (14.11%)
  • Dylan Corbett- 1,677 (11.05%)

"My message is that I've been your city representative for 16 months and I would be honor to continue. I have a strong work ethic and I want to work hard to represent all the families in district eight," said Lizarraga.

"I've always been a policy based candidate. I've always been talking policy and I will just keep talking policy," said Wright.

At this time, Wright or Vasquez would likely face Lizarraga.

The El Paso Times reported the El Paso County Elections Department said the election needed to be canvassed. Lisa Wise with the elections department said that would not happen until November 13.

It’s not known when the runoff election would happen.

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