Safety improvement coming to Dyer Street

    Dyer Street

    The city of El Paso is now one step closer to making some new safety improvements for one of its busiest streets.

    "I push a cart and I sell ice creams,” said El Paso resident Christian Portillo.

    He said he walks about five miles of Dyer Street every day.

    "It's real hard. It makes this easy job less easier and a lot more harder and scarier,” he said.

    His said his biggest obstacle each day is the sidewalks that line the street.

    "Even with the sidewalks, either you have to go all the way around them, or sometimes the cart will fall over, just because the sidewalks are so rugged and it's real hard to push it,” he said.

    Portillo isn’t the only one who feels that way.

    "They're very narrow,” said El Paso resident Raul Parra. "It is a safety problem."

    That’s why the city is now looking at making some changes.

    During Tuesday’s city council meeting, Alexsandra Annello, city representative for district 2, presented the proposal to make the changes for pedestrian safety.

    "Dyer Street has been really ignored for a long time,” she said.

    She said the project would stretch from where Dyer Street and Pershing Drive to Sean Haggerty Drive.

    "This is something I've heard since I've been campaigning before I came into office.,” she said. “I mean, I've walked those streets myself."

    She said there aren’t enough crosswalks, the sidewalks need work, and more lighting is needed.

    "I wanted to bring awareness to that and hopefully during the budget, ask my council members to fund a master plan to help revitalize and improve safety on the Dyer corridor,” she said.

    The funding was requested to be factored into the next budget for fiscal year 2019.

    Annello said council will discuss it on July 30.

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