Salvation Army's Red Kettle campaign in need of last-minute donations

Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign in need of last-minute donations

It’s the day before Christmas and the Salvation Army of El Paso is asking for your help, after their fundraising efforts fell short.

The Red Kettle Christmas campaign is the Salvation Army’s largest yearly fundraiser.

Throughout the holiday season, bell ringers greet shoppers to raise money for the Salvation Army. That money goes toward people in need.

This year, their fundraising efforts fell short hundreds of dollars.

The amount of funds raised brings a threat to how many people the Salvation Army will be able to help this next year, which affects the programs they are in charge of providing for.

"Well, we have the only family shelter in El Paso, we have a soup kitchen every night, we do have rental and utility assistance, we also have clothing vouchers and food vouchers,” said Nora Aviles, the Salvation Army’s human resources manager.

So on Christmas Eve, the last day of El Paso’s kettle campaign, the organization is desperately asking for your help.

"if they just emptied the bottom of their purse and the ashtray of their change, usually it's 50 percent of whatever the kettle brings, 50% percent of it is change, so don't feel guilty about giving a penny, a nickel, a quarter, it all adds up,” said Aviles.

They tell me they think the number of donations suffered for one reason.

“We think a lot of it is due to the good weather. People usually tend to give when it’s a little bit colder and a little bit windier, but we’re faithful that in the next couple of days, we’re going to catch up,” said Aviles.

If you'd like to donate, kettle bell ringers will be out around town until 4 p.m. on Monday.

If you'd like to donate to the campaign, click here.

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