Samaniego wins close race for El Paso County judge

County judge election.jpg

It came down to the wire for El Paso County voters to decide who would be the next El Paso County judge.

Former El Paso Mayor John Cook and businessman Ricardo Samaniego were the final two candidates in the runoff election for May 22.

The final unofficial results showed Samaniego with 50.54 percent of the vote in the runoff.

Samaniego said if he were elected his biggest worry would be letting down voters if not performing in office.

“I have a lot of obligation in winning this race. It’s been incredible. People have come together and the community has come together,” Samaniego said. “I think the people hear the message of a new voice, the message of somebody who is passionate about El Paso.”

Cook trailed behind with 49.46 percent of the vote.

Cook said he’ll concede the race if he loses but was watched the voting results closely.

He says he trusts the election department.

“They are counting them the way they’re supposed to be counted. I have a lot of faith in the system,” Cook said.

“It’s a nail biter,” Cook said.

See election results here:

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