San Elizario students erupt as soccer team becomes state champ

San Elizario High School soccer team wins 4A 2018 state championship. (Courtesy: San Elizario School District Facebook)

The San Elizario boys soccer team became state champions, winning the game against Palestine 1-0.

San Elizario students were allowed to skip class so they could watch the game together. The energy inside the auditorium was explosive.

"Even though we were not present there, from here you could feel the excitement of the crowd,” said Claudia Canava Flores, assistant principal of guidance and instruction.

Flores said the school was happy to let the students out of class so they could make memories with their peers.

"These are memorable experiences for both our students that are out there playing on the field, and for their peers. We wanted to make sure that they had the opportunity to be a part of that,” Flores said.

When the team won, the students all went nuts. Girls varsity soccer player Emily Guerrero said the team deserves this win.

"I think this is a big deal because we haven't accomplished this for a long time,” Guerrero said. "They don't slack it at all. They practice and practice and practice, even if they don't want to. On days they can be lazy or tired, but they know what they want to accomplish and they just go for it. They have worked so hard for it and the coach has trained with them every day and I just know they were meant to do great things."

"[This was] one of the best games I've ever seen them play,” said JV soccer player Yahir Deanda.

San Elizario, who last won the state championship in 2015, played the 2016 state champ, Palestine. Students knew that the 35-0 team was going to be tough to beat. They were nervous during the game and cheered every time there was a good play. With the state title on the line, freshman and seniors alike piled into the auditorium to watch the historic moment. Everyone agreed this title will make all of San Elizario proud.

“This is our boys soccer team's second state title. It certainly brings the community, the school together," Flores said.

"Proud that we accomplished something so big in such a small community,” Deanda said.

"Maybe they think San Eli is a small school, but we're more than we seem capable of,” Guerrero said.

The team will be back in San Eli on Saturday afternoon.

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