Scam targets El Pasoans, claiming they owe for jury duty summons, unpaid tickets

Phone scam

If you receive a call from someone claiming they are with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office and they are reaching out to you to collect payment, hang up.

Sheriff’s officials are warning residents of the latest scam in which a person claims to collect a payment for jury duty summons, unpaid tickets, warrants or court summons.

The caller then tells the person that if a payment is not made they must report to the Sheriff's Office headquarters to resolve the matter.

This telephone scam has victimized several people, according to Sheriff’sOffice officials.

A supervisor of jury selection at the El Paso County Courthouse advised the Sheriff’s Office that calls are never made to anyone by phone to advise them that they missed jury duty.

Officials are also letting the public know they don’t contact people by phone requesting payment for outstanding criminal warrants.

If anyone who has been a victim of these scams is asked to contact the proper authorities.

The El Paso Police Department non-emergency number is 915-832-4400 and the El Paso County Sheriff's Office non-emergency number is 915-832-4408.

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