Second arrest made in connection with Dona Ana County attempted murder case

Roberta Azure, 43, was charged with attempted aggravated residential burglary, attempted murder, larceny between $2,500 and $20,000, and theft of credit card.

Another arrest was made in an assault case that left a woman severely beaten and in need of facial reconstruction.

Betty Jo McCowan was attacked by her boyfriend, Joe Azure, on Aug. 27, authorities say.

Azure was arrested in Albuquerque on Aug. 31 on a warrant for attempted first-degree murder.

According to court records, Azure’s sister, Roberta, was arrested in connection with the alleged attack.

Roberta Azure, 43, was charged with attempted aggravated residential burglary, attempted murder, larceny between $2,500 and $20,000, and theft of credit card.

According to court documents, both Joe and Roberta Azure were with McCowan at her home on Aug. 27.

McCowan and Joe Azure were in an off-and-on relationship and were recently engaged, but McCowan broke it off, the documents said.

Court documents said Joe and Roberta were drinking around 4 a.m. when an argument began about Roberta.

The argument escalated and McCowan demanded them to leave her home, but Joe continued to argue, documents said.

McCowan called her brother, who she said intimidates Joe, and her brother convinced them to leave.

The two left the home in Roberta’s car and McCowen locked her gate and door, the documents said.

A short while later, McCowan heard pounding at her front door, and she heard Joe yell, “Let me in,” the documents said.

According to court documents, Joe kicked the door open and McCowan was knocked back and hit her head on the fireplace near the door.

Joe reportedly got on top of McCowan and punched her about 23 times, court documents said.

According to court documents, Joe said “I’m going to (expletive) kill you,” and Roberta said “You deserve this.”

McCowan said she thought Joe would kill her and her eyes began to swell shut, the documents said.

McCowan then crawled to her bedroom as Joe went through her belongings and took a pistol, shotgun, electric guitar, amplifier, and tattoo machine, the documents said.

McCowan needed complete facial reconstruction and had about 27 facial fractures, court documents said.

Her father later told CBS4 that McCowan was in a coma for a week.

Later that night, police tried to make contact with Joe who was reportedly staying at the Econo Lodge on Valley Drive.

The clerk at the lodge called police after she left work and saw a post on the Las Cruces Community Watch Facebook group that referenced an incident involving Joe, according to court documents.

When deputies went up to his room, they heard the TV, but there was no answer.

It was later determined that shortly before police arrived, Joe went to the lobby to change his reservation and left the hotel.

Joe reportedly used Betty’s company credit card to check in at the lodge and made purchases at other locations. The total amount fraudulently charged was $529.02, court documents said.

Joe was arrested in Albuquerque days later, and his sister was arrested Monday afternoon.

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