Select Texas school districts arm teachers

Some districts in Texas already arm teachers

The gun control debate has turned into a debate over whether or not teachers should be asked to carry concealed firearms on campus.

However, this is already a policy in some districts.

A CNN report found that 170 districts in the state of Texas have policies allowing teachers or administrators to exercise their right to bear arms on campus.

The Texas Education Agency reported in 2014 that there are 1,247 public school districts across the state. That means less than 14 percent of districts exercise concealed carry policies.

The CNN report followed one district in a rural community north of Dallas where a program not only arms teachers, but it includes annual training on handling active shooters.

There is a sign outside of schools in their district that reads: “Please be aware that certain staff members at Calisburg ISD are armed and may use whatever force is necessary to protect our students.”

The Guardian Program at Calisburg ISD is voluntary, and teachers are not required to carry.

President Donald Trump tweeted his support of arming educators, suggesting that it shouldn’t be a requirement for all, but incentives could be offered to those who do.

For smaller communities, like Calisburg, they don’t have a city police department ,and they rely on county sheriff’s deputies to respond to crimes. For them, arming teachers is a way to protect students if they are ever faced with a shooting situation.

“We are trying to put our teachers in a position to be better equipped to protect their kids,” said Steve Clugston, Superintendent of Calisburg ISD. “I have complete faith in our team that they’re willing to stand up and protect our people.”

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