Sheriff's department to apply for bulletproof vest grant

soldier wearing a bulletproof vest

El Paso County sheriff's deputies are getting new bullet proof vests.

Deputies by law are required to wear bulletproof vests.

Sheriff Richard Wiles says they expire and need to be replaced every five years.

The sheriff says the department is getting 60 vests, a percentage of the more than 200 that they currently have.

The vests will cost $33,540. The grant will cover 50%.

"Clearly, with the violence against police officers that you see all across the nation, we have to provide training and equipment to our employees to ensure they're as safe as they can be. Law enforcement is dangerous, but we want to do what we can to provide them with the best equipment," said Sheriff Wiles.

The sheriff's department is also applying for a second grant through the state of Texas for riffle vests because of the shooting that happened in Dallas. The sheriff says those vests are even stronger.

Those would hopefully arrive in the next few months.

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