Deadly shooting in west El Paso; 1 in hospital with serious injuries

    Shooting in west El Paso, one in hospital with serious injuries

    El Paso police are investigating a deadly shooting in west El Paso.

    It happened around 3:30 a.m. Monday on the 6600 block of Tarascas Drive near Belvidere Street.

    Police said one person has died. They said they have a man in custody. The man in custody was taken to a hospital with series injuries, according to police.

    Police were at the scene for almost 18 hours.

    "This is a very quiet neighborhood. Never ever, nothing happens. So this is a complete surprise for us," said Raul Trevino, a neighbor.

    "I actually stayed up until like 3 AM and that's when I saw the car lights come out. And I was just wondering like, because they had all of this tape around my house, and it was just an odd thing. I thought that the power went out at first. But now this has happened. It was something else," said Samuel Magana, a neighbor.

    CBS4 reporter Ashley Claster saw a red car being towed away around 8 p.m. She said the car several bumper stickers including a UTEP pickaxe and a sticker that read, "teach peace."

    Several neighbors who did not want to appear on camera told CBS4 that UTEP students, a few young men, are renting this home, and they constantly have loud parties at night.

    "My mom is [scared] right now, yeah. Because this is supposed to be a quiet neighborhood, this is supposed to be a safe neighborhood, good school districts, good everything. And this is like a big waking for this block," said Steven Walls.

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